Unable to find a matching sales channel when using storefront:hot-proxy

derweili created this issue on 2021-02-26 · The issue is replied 0 times

I installed the dev template as described in the docs, which worked well. My dev install is fully functional on the local storefront-dev.test URL.

I then created a new theme and called ./psh.phar storefront:hot-proxy

When trying to access proxy URL under http://localhost:9998/ I get following error:

Unable to find a matching sales channel for the request: http://shopware-dev.test:9998/". Please make sure the domain mapping is correct.

I then tried to add the http://localhost:9998/ as an additional domain to the sales channel but this is not possible because the port is always striped out from the URL field.

I also tried to set {% set isHMRMode = true %} in the base.html.twig template as described in many help forums but no success.

What am I doing wrong?

I'm using laravel valet as the dev environment.

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