'unable to open database file' when running the sqlite/todos example

ousado created this issue on 2021-05-28 · The issue is replied 0 times

When following the exact steps given in the sqlite todos example, I get several of these errors when trying to execute cargo run -- add "todo description":

error: error returned from database: unable to open database file
  --> examples/sqlite/todos/src/main.rs:80:16
80 |       let recs = sqlx::query!(

At the time of the execution of the macro query::expand_from_db, a std::env::current_dir(), that I inserted for debugging, returns the root directory of the sqlx repository, and not the sqlx/examples/sqlite/todos directory, which is where I'm running the example from. The macro attempts to open the sqlite database relative to the repository root, and fails.

This is using the 0.5.5 release

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