transfer command to prompt instead interactive box

sgohl created this issue on 2021-09-15 · The issue is replied 0 times

Hi, first time user here.

What I would like to have, is pet exec to just transfer the selected snippet to my prompt, instead of printing the input boxes which have no bash-completion available. This, while being fancy, makes it almost useless, unfortunately.
Sometimes, the parameters are very flexible and static placeholders are not viable. If it just would print the snippet to the prompt, you could just proceed typing as your're used to. Without knowing anything, I would have intuitively expected TAB should do this.

What I notice next, is that I can not use arrow-up key to yield the last command into my bash prompt, instead it shows pet exec, since that is understandably the last command, but I think pet should replace that with the command that you actually just executed via pet exec

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