[influxdb2] Booting influxd fails

samip5 created this issue on 2021-08-11 · The issue is replied 4 times

Chart version: 2.0.1

I'm using k3s.

helm-release that was used with GitOps and Flux:

apiVersion: helm.toolkit.fluxcd.io/v2beta1
kind: HelmRelease
  name: influxdb
  namespace: databases
  interval: 5m
      # renovate: registryUrl=https://helm.influxdata.com/
      chart: influxdb2
      version: 2.0.1
        kind: HelmRepository
        name: influxdata-charts
        namespace: flux-system
      interval: 15m
      enabled: true
      size: 50Gi
      storageClass: nfs-client
        memory: 400Mi
        cpu: 100m
        memory: 1Gi
      create: true
      enabled: true
      ingressClassName: "traefik"
      tls: true
        traefik.ingress.kubernetes.io/router.entrypoints: "websecure"
      hostname: influx.${K8S_DOMAIN}

This unfortunately results in it not being able to create itself:

2021-08-11T04:18:29.    info    booting influxd server in the background        {"system": "docker"}
2021-08-11T04:18:30.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "0"}
2021-08-11T04:18:31.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "1"}
2021-08-11T04:18:32.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "2"}
2021-08-11T04:18:33.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "3"}
2021-08-11T04:18:34.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "4"}
2021-08-11T04:18:35.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "5"}
2021-08-11T04:18:36.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "6"}
2021-08-11T04:18:37.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "7"}
2021-08-11T04:18:38.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "8"}
2021-08-11T04:18:40.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "9"}
2021-08-11T04:18:41.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "10"}
2021-08-11T04:18:42.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "11"}
2021-08-11T04:18:43.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "12"}
2021-08-11T04:18:44.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "13"}
2021-08-11T04:18:45.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "14"}
2021-08-11T04:18:46.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "15"}
2021-08-11T04:18:47.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "16"}
2021-08-11T04:18:48.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "17"}
2021-08-11T04:18:49.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "18"}
2021-08-11T04:18:51.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "19"}
2021-08-11T04:18:52.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "20"}
2021-08-11T04:18:53.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "21"}
2021-08-11T04:18:54.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "22"}
2021-08-11T04:18:55.    info    pinging influxd...      {"system": "docker", "ping_attempt": "23"}
2021-08-11T04:18:56.    warn    cleaning bolt and engine files to prevent conflicts on retry    {"system": "docker", "bolt_path": "/var/lib/influxdbv2/influxd.bolt", "engine_path": "/var/lib/influxdbv2"}
rm: can't remove '/var/lib/influxdbv2': Permission denied
ChadiEM wrote this answer on 2021-08-29

Having the same problem.

Chart version 2.0.0 works fine.

abhi1693 wrote this answer on 2021-09-05

@samip5 @ChadiEM
The mount path in the chart is wrong. It should have been /var/lib/influxdb2. If you correct it, then it works without any issues

ericatcorsha wrote this answer on 2021-09-22

@samip5 @ChadiEM
The mount path in the chart is wrong. It should have been /var/lib/influxdb2. If you correct it, then it works without any issues

/var/lib/influxdbv2 is the default value for .Values.persistence.mountPath.

What appears to be happening is the entrypoint.sh is trying to delete the volume mount.

abhi1693 wrote this answer on 2021-09-23

@ericatcorsha The permission issue is the clear indication that the path is incorrect and that the non-root user doesn't own the path. If you look inside the docker image, you'd find a different path. The default value in the chart has a typo

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