Add Norwegian locale for number formatters

radoondas created this issue on 2020-01-09 · The issue is replied 9 times

Describe the feature:
I would like to add Norwegian locale support in to Kinana number formatters.
At the moment, Kibana fork of numeral.js does not have no locale: (

However, official master has the implementation available:

Describe a specific use case for the feature:
More users will be happy with correct selection for their language.

elasticmachine wrote this answer on 2020-01-09

Pinging @elastic/kibana-platform (Team:Platform)

timroes wrote this answer on 2020-01-10

Will be solved via #53972

elasticmachine wrote this answer on 2020-01-10

Pinging @elastic/kibana-app-arch (Team:AppArch)

wylieconlon wrote this answer on 2020-01-10

Yes, my change will help, but we should also update our fork.

radoondas wrote this answer on 2020-02-03

Closure Summary


  • Missing Norwegian locale in Kibana formatting options
  • We are using old implementation of the library which provides locale
  • Will be fixed in new version of Kibana (7.7?) where we will implement different approach for the formatting. See linked issues.


  • old JS library for formatting


  • Shouldl be fixed in v7.7?
wylieconlon wrote this answer on 2020-02-03

I think this has been closed prematurely- the PR I have worked on will definitely not be in 7.7

radoondas wrote this answer on 2020-02-03

My apologies. Incorrect repository.

pettertho wrote this answer on 2020-02-03

Is it an option to update the NumeralJs fork in Kibana with additional localizations, so the issue is mitigated? Or is that a big task?

wylieconlon wrote this answer on 2020-02-03

I don't expect that it's a large task, but I am not qualified to provide logic for Norwegian. Feel free to submit a pull request:

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