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e-desouza created this issue on 2021-04-11 · The issue is replied 1 times

I'm trying to use stack to build Cardano on s390x and while we have ghc and all its dependencies via EPEL on RHEL, there's no docs on how to build stack itself. I can provide a s390x machine for CI/CD etc if required.

Note : The install script as it will install the dependencies/libraries but pull down the x86 based binary, even on s390x so I patched it but now it says the binary doesn't exist.

# determines the the CPU's instruction set
get_isa() {
  if arch | grep -Eq 'armv[78]l?' ; then
    echo arm
  elif arch | grep -q aarch64 ; then
    echo aarch64
  elif arch | grep -q s390x ; then
    echo s390x
    echo x86
tolysz wrote this answer on 2021-04-12

I would imagine a couple of steps...
once you have ghc working, you can try to build stack using cabal, then once you run it - it will complain about missing arch.
Then you will need to add the correct architecture like here: https://github.com/commercialhaskell/stack/pull/5415/files

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