How to setup Typescript when "steps_file.js" is used?

ngraf created this issue on 2021-02-01 · The issue is replied 1 times

I can't manage to get Typscript autocompletion when using a steps_file.js .
Can you please document in this repository how to achieve this?

What i did

Created structure of steps_file.js:

module.exports = function() { 
    return actor({

        // Define custom steps here, use 'this' to access default methods of I.
        // It is recommended to place a general 'login' function here.

        customStep1() {},
        customStep2() {}

Load steps_file.js into my project:

    include: {
        I: './src/steps/steps_file.js',

Run npx codeceptjs def

Result: My autocomplete feature for I does not work at all. I am using Webstorm from IntelliJ. When not using a steps_file.js , autocomplete works perfectly.

ngraf wrote this answer on 2021-02-01

Oh, I found the reason for failing autocomplete: I had a local backup copy of "codeceptjs" code repository. The IDE got confused that there is another "codeceptjs" folder other than the one in "node_modules".
After deleting ignoring/deleting the unneccessary "codeceptjs" folder, autocompletion started to work like a charm.

Issue closed (Cannot reproduce)

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